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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

Evoking More Engagement at your Organization’s Next Event

Everyone that contributes to the planning wants their event, tradeshow, symposium, conference, or meeting to be successful. We pour ourselves into creating an impactful experience for our members and attendees. We continually…

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Gratitude is Under-rated!

I recently received an unexpected ‘Thank You’ letter and it was pleasant reminder about being grateful for all the small and intangible things we encounter. A couple weeks ago I hosted a TEDx here in my hometown of Sugar Land…

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Strawberry-Basil Jalepeńo ice-cream

Do you care about what people think? Do you strive to fit in, maintain professionalism, and embody stoicism? STOP. Theatrics and showmanship are good for business!

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No One Buys Anything Based On Facts

Think of the last thing you purchased. Was a television, car, computer, or even a book? No matter your answer, youpurchased based on emotion and so do your clients…

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Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Lets Describe the 3 Types of Reviewer: Obligated – These are the people that always review the place they stay at or eat at. There are never huge swings in their reviews., Often they just want to feel important…

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The Selflessness of Serving Others

Everyone is in the business of serving others… or at least they should be. The best way to build a phenomenal business is to have staff and team members that genuinely want to serve. Whether it is serving the clientele or serving…

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Being Your Best Self

If you ask the average person they will tell you that they are genuinely good. Most individuals believe they have above average intelligence, communicate more effectively than most, and are more selfless than most other people…

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The Curse of “How we’ve always done it”

Someone with vision will always outperform someone with experience. Experience is great! People learn wonderful things through their actions and through ‘trial and error’. People with experience should be treated as coveted assets by any business…

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How to Have Focus in the Chaos

Chaos is a reality in too many organizations. Thriving in the midst of madness can be nerve wracking and exhausting. During the holiday season this can be exacerbated even further…

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No One Willingly Leaves Paradise.

The first thing that comes to mind is someone on vacation. Enjoying themselves, wondering why they would ever return to their normal lives. Forget that association for moment. I am speaking about building a workplace paradise for employees and staff members…

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