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3 keys to Inciting Passion in your Staff

Everyone desires to be part of something extraordinary. It is often left to mangers to create an environment of enthusiasm and passion within their teams. When people are passionate about their work they commit to excellence and strive to over deliver to their customers and guests.

Here are the 3 Keys for Inciting Passion within your Staff

  1. Be Authentic – Choosing to be genuine in your efforts to work with people can do wonders for staff’s morale and for their attitudes. When they feel as if they can approach their managers with any concern it alleviates unnecessary pressure from their jobs. When staff members have the freedom to be authentic themselves, they are free to be excited and passionate about the work they do.
  2. Be committed – Commitment can help people reaffirm why they do the work they are in. Everyone has a bigger goal than maintaining a job. Help people to rediscover why they love their work and the impact that their job has on those they encounter. Revitalizing your staff’s commitment to excellence will build palpable energy in your team.
  3. Be Optimistic – Look for the best in every situation or person. Dwelling on negatives or problems will not help any situation. Reward people that run at challenges and present solutions. The right positive attitude can spread like wild-fire. Try to harness the inherent happiness and excitement of those you work with and let it infect the entire team.

Passion can be a very personal thing. We have to be respectful of how people view themselves and their surroundings. With a focus on a personalized approach, help your team remember their work matters and the impact they make is substantial.

Here are a few bonus tips for becoming more upbeat and enthusiastic on daily basis:

  1. High five at lest 3 people before noon (its may seem contrived, but it works!)
  2. Smile so BIG that someone asks you about your grin (People want to join in others happiness. Be an optimistic influence in someone’s day)
  3. Complement 2 strangers (be genuine; people like complements and when you make someone else smile, it impacts you as well)

Life is too short to take it so seriously! Smile more, stay passionate, and be enthusiastic everyday!

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