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Enthusiastic You!

Rediscover Your Passion & Energy: Tools for Success in Your Daily Life

Everyone deserves a life of enthusiasm and passion! However, in today’s world it is easy to lose focus and to become discouraged. Individuals search longingly for motivation while companies search frantically for ways to keep their employees engaged. It is within you to become excited and energized!


Would you like the ability to become passionate and maintain enthusiasm in work, life, and in all that you do?

You can!

You deserve the opportunity to be passionate. Within each of us is the ability to conjure enthusiasm and it has been suppressed for too long.

You possess the unique ability to take control of your life, your emotions, and the way in which you utilize your energy.

Enthusiastic You! provides you with the tools to create and retain your enthusiasm!

Propel yourself into success and happiness by using these methods. No longer accept the “complacent you,” the “run of the mill you.” You deserve more.

This book will teach you to demand better and become an Enthusiastic You!




About the Author

After beginning his career in professional sales, Joshua quickly noticed how his enthusiasm and drive were rare among his colleagues but welcome commodities in the companies who hired him.

Since discovering both the power and the scarcity of enthusiasm in the workplace, Joshua has made it his mission to incite enthusiasm in others.

Using proprietary tools, Joshua helps his clients become unapologetically enthusiastic in both their business and everyday lives.

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