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Strawberry-Basil Jalepeńo ice-cream

Strawberry-Basil Jalepeńo ice-cream

Do you care about what people think? Do you strive to fit in, maintain professionalism, and embody stoicism?


Theatrics and showmanship are good for business! If we plan on being stoic we will never stand out. If you choose to be bland, your business will seem bland.

In todays world people are looking for authenticity and for some level of entertainment. Give yourself and your team permission to be different. Being theatrical and exciting will incite more passion from the people you are trying to serve. This is not referencing P.T. Barnum like theatrics. What I am advocating is uniqueness, non-traditional attributes or actions that can have meaningful impact upon the people you interact with.

It doesn’t have to be huge show stopping pyrotechnics. Something small and different can often be enough to have people remember you and your business.

No one is ever offended by vanilla ice-cream. However, people rarely rant and rave about vanilla. Strive to stand out and be different. Be the Strawberry-Basil Jalepeńo ice-cream in a world full of chocolate and vanilla. Don’t be bland for the sake of not offending other people.

Erring on the side of cautiousness is a great way to be mediocre. Complacency is the easy to overcome if you choose to stand out from the crowd.

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