Hire Joshua
Amazing presenter! Kept EVERYONE engaged the entire time!
Wow! Very impactful and tailored specifically for our team.
Joshua was awesome! What a great speaker!
Interactive, energetic, and motivational!
This was truly one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! We are so thankful to have had Joshua Evans in to train our team.
Joshua was very engaging and educational on issues that greatly impact our job community. He kept the audience well-informed and maintained an open dialogue throughout the presentation. I would recommend Joshua as a speaker to any group. 
Josh did an amazing job. He didn’t just focus on the importance of cultural change but provided the tools for HR professionals to “sell” transforming culture to company executives.
Our team found GREAT value in what Joshua shared!
Josh’s passion for engagement in the workplace is an essential message and understanding for the business leaders of tomorrow if they hope to effectively lead the next generation of corporate employees. Our leadership team agreed unanimously that Josh helped us connect our employees to a deeper sense of purpose in their roles.
Josh is full of enthusiasm and that really comes across when he is connecting with the audience! He will have your group walking away feeling positive and energized!
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