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Effective engagement strategies for the new generation.

Today’s millennial workforce is a new generation of employees who respond to a different set of engagement strategies than previous generations. A one-size fits all approach is no longer effective in attracting, retaining, and getting most out of the best talent.

Competitive pay, clear benefits and trendy perks are just part of the solution. A strong employee experience strategy also needs to account for millennial’s desire to have a strong sense of purpose in their role.

Joshua’s session delivers tools and actionable strategies to help employees develop an emotional connection to their contribution and find their true purpose in both their work and personal life.

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Employee experience designed for today's workforce.

  • Leverage your employees’ current responsibilities and translate those into a clear purpose.
  • Implement techniques for effectively communicating with team members of all generations to increase loyalty.
  • Utilize inventive tools for helping your employees form an emotional connection to their contribution.

Effectively attract, retain, and engage great talent.

As the millennial generation workforce grows significantly over the next 20 years, employers need to recognize their expectations of their employee experience differs drastically from previous generations.

These new engagement models appreciate their desire for meaning, personal fulfillment and career advancement. This new generation are looking to organizations that have a unified purpose and enthusiastic, social cultures.

Joshua’s presentation will deliver the strategies successful companies use to cultivate and retain valuable millennial employees now and into the future.

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