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Being Your Best Self

If you ask the average person they will tell you that they are genuinely good. Most individuals believe they have above average intelligence, communicate more effectively than most, and are more selfless than most other people.

There in lies the problem. People believe they are better without any proof. We all want to believe we care more and that we give more than the average person, but is that the reality?

While everyone strives to focus on how they are perceived by the world, too few focus on how to actually be our best selves.

I recently met a person that has chosen to be better every single day. His new mode of living is centered around the idea that he has to physiologically make himself better through small changes. How does he do this? Through very small, very deliberate actions. Before any important meeting, he asks himself, what would someone more selfless and more self assured do? This small question leads him to pick up a few small pieces of trash before he walks into any building, it helps him to realize we can all do a little bit more to help the general state of the world around us.

How does this help his business? He is rewiring the way his brain perceives his experiences. By living his life as though he were actually a better person it draws his level of fulfillment and enjoyment up to a level not achievable before. His selflessness shines through in his meetings and his interactions and it becomes an intangible positive emotion he carries around with him.

He is able to give his full attention and full commitment to everything he does because of a small change in acting as if he were a better person. The odd thing is that by merely pretending to be a better person, he has actually become one.

What can you do on a daily basis that would make you a better person?

Keep your passion and stay enthusiastic about who and how you serve the people around you!

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