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Embedded Engagement into our Culture

  • Manage our influences to focus on what matter within our roles
  • Direct our perceptions to facilitate reengagement
  • Nourish our aspirations to bring deeper meaning to our efforts
  • Organization with high levels of engagement are 22% more profitable on average.

Effective engagement strategies for the new generation.

Today’s millennial workforce is a new generation of employees who respond to a different set of engagement strategies than previous generations. A one-size fits all approach is no longer effective in attracting, retaining, and getting most out of the best talent.

Competitive pay, clear benefits and trendy perks are just part of the solution. A strong employee experience strategy also needs to account for millennial’s desire to have a strong sense of purpose in their role.

Joshua’s session delivers tools and actionable strategies to help employees develop an emotional connection to their contribution and find their true purpose in both their work and personal life.

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Real workplace engagement starts with purpose.

When it comes to workplace engagement, a clear sense of purpose and meaning at work has been shown to be a greater motivator than money.

It all starts with employees who feel they are truly part of something extraordinary. Once people connect with the meaning and purpose behind what they do, morale improves, efforts increase, and profitability soars.

Joshua helps organizations cultivate a culture so driven by purpose that every action taken has a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.


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