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Rediscover purpose and fulfillment in your work.

Everyone deserves to find meaning and fulfillment in their work and to know their efforts are contributing to something special. In short, we want to know that what we are doing has purpose.

For many employees, especially during times of change, enthusiasm wanes and it’s easy to lose sight of why their work matters and how valuable their efforts truly are to the success of an entire organization.

Joshua’s presentation uncovers the challenges of staying motivated and delivers powerful techniques to help audiences wake up, rediscover true meaning and purpose in their work and start feeling personally and professionally fulfilled.

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Providing teams with purpose has to be intentional.

  • It is essential that we help our teams see their contribution as part of our organization’s larger goals.
  • Team members with purpose have been proven to be 31% more productive and 19% more accurate.
  • When leaders care about helping their employees find purpose, they ensure lowered turnover.
  • Organization that provide their teams with purpose are 22% more profitable on average.

Real workplace engagement starts with purpose.

When it comes to workplace engagement, a clear sense of purpose and meaning at work has been shown to be a greater motivator than money.

It all starts with employees who feel they are truly part of something extraordinary. Once people connect with the meaning and purpose behind what they do, morale improves, efforts increase, and profitability soars.

Joshua helps organizations cultivate a culture so driven by purpose that every action taken has a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

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