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No One Willingly Leaves Paradise.

The first thing that comes to mind is someone on vacation. Enjoying themselves, wondering why they would ever return to their normal lives. Forget that association for moment.

I am speaking about building a workplace paradise for employees and staff members.

No one willing leaves paradise, just like no one quits a job they love.

If we worked harder on making our employee happy, turnover problems could be drastically reduced. In fact, if our culture and environment became prolific as THE best place to work, how many applicants would you have to turn away?

What if we make our organizations so amazing that people would be begging to come to work there?

What if we all took a note from other industries?

Google, twitter, SouthWest Airlines, Dreamworks, Patagonia… just to name a few, all have long lists of people that want to work for them. They have cultivated amazing reputations as unique and exciting places to work. So much so that they have to turn away applicants. These sorts of organizations don’t have turnover problems. What they do have are loyal employees. People give themselves to these organizations knowing that their passion and hard work are for something amazing.

What if we could harness this in the hospitality industry? I’m not suggesting sleep pods for staff members or 2 month long paid sabbaticals.

Some of the most loyalty producing moments in any business are done through recognition. Many times this means more than compensation of money or time off. People love to be recognized for their efforts.

So, what can we do to make our organizations more paradise-like? Heres a short list to get you started:

  • be overly friendly
  • allow people to have flexibility when needed
  • trust your team members
  • complement other often
  • praise whenever possible
  • reward the extraordinary
  • nurture your passionate people
  • add as much levity as possible (without hindering productivity)
  • more high fives
  • less edicts
  • luaus?

There are many different way to make your organization one that is envied through out the industry. The largest key is to make sure your employees feel authentically appreciated!

Stay passionate, have fun, and always error on the side of too much enthusiasm!

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