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How to Have Focus in the Chaos

Chaos is a reality in too many organizations. Thriving in the midst of madness can be nerve wracking and exhausting. During the holiday season this can be exacerbated even further.

During these trying times it is important to maintain focus on our own goals and the goals of our organizations. We have to know that we have something to achieve, a mission to accomplish. Being cognoscente of our aspirations can help us to overcome minor inconveniences. Frustrations are bound to be abundant during hectic situations. We have to maintain our resolve and retain our sense of passion for the work we do.

Keep your sense of humor. When things seem to be spinning uncontrollably out of hand, we have to see the humor in each situation. Looking at things from a lighthearted perspective can allow you and your team to not be overburdened by impending doom.

Cultivate the right team. Having a team that can lift each other up is an essential component of rising above chaos. With shared goals and shared frustrations, acting as one unit can solidify the efforts of an entire organization. Find the right team and work to keep them passionate about their roles.

Everyone has had a time where things are out of their control. When one bad thing leads to another, which leads to another. This is never a fun place to be. However, if you have cultivated a passionate team, all they will need is a strategy for handling chaotic situations. With those in place you can be assured that the vast majority of problems can be overcome.

When developing a strategy make sure it allows for adjustment. Adaptability is crucial to any battle plan. Having structures in place help to set options for problem solving. After that it comes down to creative implementation.

Never let unforeseen circumstances change the dynamics of your organization. Work to build strategies, teams, and environments where chaos can be encountered and overcome.

Don’t let the chaos mute your enthusiasm. Run towards your challenges with all the passion you can muster.

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