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Rediscover purpose and fulfillment in your work.

Known for his energy, audience engagement, and actionable tools to improve work performance, Joshua is renowned for helping teams re-engage and love the work that they do to create a healthier, more profitable business.

Joshua tailors every talk to the needs of your company, conference, or event resulting in a truly unforgettable and effective session for all audiences!


Your audience can expect to:

  • Be fully engaged and captivated
  • Feel inspired and rejuvenated
  • Rediscover deeper Meaning in their role
  • Gain valuable insights and tools
  • Laugh out loud!
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Keynote Topics

Purpose or Perish

Research has shown us that today’s top talent desire a sense of fulfillment in their work over higher wages. The future of employee experience is rooted in the employee’s emotional connection to their contribution.

Millennials currently make up over 50% of the workforce. Because of this, it is critical for organizations to focus on the employee experience now. Good pay and benefits are no longer going to be enough to attract and retain top talent.

In this eye-opening session, your audience will learn how to cultivate a phenomenal employee experience by providing your team with tools to find true meaning and fulfillment in their role.

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Change Engage Evolve

The world and the workplace have changed dramatically. Motivation and excitement have been replaced by anxiety and uncertainty.

However, new challenges bring new opportunities to realign teams and build purposed centered cultures within our organizations. Now is the perfect time to adapt and thrive in the new working world.

In this powerful presentation, Joshua gets to the root of why so many employees are disengaged and how to rekindle enthusiasm and passion.

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Culture of Engagement

One of the greatest factors in building an organization with phenomenal culture is their employees share a strong sense of purpose in their individual roles.

Purpose-driven teams are not created by accident. It is essential that organizations set forth the true purpose, value and meaning of each role in order to help employees see their contribution as part of an organization’s larger goals.

In this inspirational presentation, Joshua helps teams learn the secret to moving beyond the surface level of their role to truly find meaning and purpose in their work.

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