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Joshua’s goal is to help you make your event a huge success!

Joshua wants to help you create a memorable experience for your audience. His entertaining style, riveting stories, and profound insights will have your audience enthralled!

Joshua knows that every event’s goals and challenges are different, thus he only includes relevant, engaging activities and stories that will resonate.

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Delivering Memorable Experiences

  • Joshua tailors every presentation to support your objectives and meet the needs of your audience.
  • Every event will engage attendees and provide purpose-driven takeaways.
  • Relatable stories, insightful ideas, and audience participation will cultivate a truly unique experience.
  • The result of Joshua’s presentations will be talked about and felt long after his keynote and workshop end.
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More than just a Keynote

When someone books Joshua they get so much more than just a keynote speech! He couples his engaging, tailored Keynote Speeches with some awesome digital assets that help reinforce content and will continue to impact the audience for months after the event.

Joshua wants to partner with you to serve the needs of your attendees and the goals of your event!

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Let us help you deliver an awesome and valuable experience for your audience. If you don’t see in information you need, please email us at

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