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Transformative Workshops & Game-Changing Retreats

Joshua M. Evans wants to help challenge and change your corporate culture so that everyone has clear purpose and everyone wins. Whether you need a company wide kick-off speech, a in-depth workshop, or an off-site leadership retreat, each program will be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and goals.

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Joshua's custom workshops can:

  • Help team members find purpose in their role.
  • Build employee enthusiasm and engagement.
  • Remove toxicity and negative habits in the workplace.
  • Address and help overcome complacency.
  • Provide a common vision to realign teams.
  • Teach techniques for more effective communication.
  • Deliver actionable steps to retain great talent.
  • Develop a unified organizational aspiration.
  • Make the workplace fun, exciting and supportive.
  • Help employees form a personal definition of fulfillment.
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Off-site Leadership Retreats

Powerful transformation begins with aligning your team in an elevated way.

Off-site retreats offer the opportunity for innovative thinking and huge step changes for your organization. Joshua works with your leadership to create and deliver a tailored, experiential retreat with lasting impact.

Let us help you develop an aspirational culture and deliver true purpose to every one of your team members.

Company Impact Video Plan an Off-site Retreat
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