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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

How To End Company Sanctioned Mediocrity

The End of Company Sanctioned Mediocrity. When organizations first begin there is so much excitement and palpable energy that every action is taken with the goal of excellence…

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Strawberry-Basil Jalepeńo ice-cream

Do you care about what people think? Do you strive to fit in, maintain professionalism, and embody stoicism? STOP. Theatrics and showmanship are good for business!

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Quit Being Negative!

In today’s world, negativity runs rampant. People often tout themselves as being realistic or just ‘looking at the facts’ when they are actually choosing a negative mentality. We all know the types of people that…

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Secret of the Wildly Successful: Fortune Favors the Bold

Yes. Throughout history, the greatest thinkers, inventors, and innovators have been bold in their conventions and not shy about their accomplishments. Being bold is not just about being loud…

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No One Buys Anything Based On Facts

Think of the last thing you purchased. Was a television, car, computer, or even a book? No matter your answer, youpurchased based on emotion and so do your clients…

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The Holy Grail of Business Development: Customer Loyalty

Genuine customer loyalty is the Holy Grail of business development. Loyal customers will not only come back for more business, they will endorse you for free, make introductions to their friends, and protect you from your competition…

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Being Your Best Self

If you ask the average person they will tell you that they are genuinely good. Most individuals believe they have above average intelligence, communicate more effectively than most, and are more selfless than most other people…

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The Curse of “How we’ve always done it”

Someone with vision will always outperform someone with experience. Experience is great! People learn wonderful things through their actions and through ‘trial and error’. People with experience should be treated as coveted assets by any business…

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Some Reservations with Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are noble at their core. It is a well intended way to make positive changes in our personal and professional lives. However, the abandoned resolution has become more common than the completion of these resolutions…

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The Impossible Utopia – Striving for Greatness in the Realm of Reality

Every manager and executive dreams of a perfectly crafted business that runs like clockwork. We would all like to see a business with loyal employees, fanatical clients, and best in class positioning in the marketplace…

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