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The Impossible Utopia – Striving for Greatness in the Realm of Reality

Every manager and executive dreams of a perfectly crafted business that runs like clockwork. We would all like to see a business with loyal employees, fanatical clients, and best in class positioning in the marketplace.

The problem with this utopian idea is that it is totally unobtainable. While grandiose aspirations are great for board meetings and managerial motivation, it is unrealistic to have these expectations.

That said, it is very necessary to strive for excellence and maintain a high level of standard for our organizations.

How can you inspire greatness from your team without seeming out of touch with reality?

  1. Let your team know that they are capable of great things and that they are expected to strive for them.
  2. Reward extraordinary efforts! Give your team incentives for achieving great results!
  3. Turn mistakes into teachable moments. When problems arise, it is not the time to make examples. Instead, use these situations as opportunities to explain and adjust behaviors.
  4. Encourage the attitudes you want on your team! Optimism can overcome some of the most difficult situations; make sure your organization has created a positive culture for your staff.
  5. Be spontaneous with acknowledgement. Have your team striving to be noticed for their great work. This will lead to better service for your clients and happier employees. When people randomly get noticed for their hard work, it encourages them to continue.

No business will ever be perfect. It is up to the organization to manifest, cultivate, and propagate their best qualities. Spread greatness through your organization from the realm of possibility and excitement!

Enthusiastic teams cultivate passionate clientele! Go out an be enthusiastic in every aspect of your business!

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