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Quit Being Negative!

Point 1: Positive Attitudes Always Stand Out! 

In today’s world, negativity runs rampant. People often tout themselves as being realistic or just ‘looking at the facts’ when they are actually choosing a negative mentality.

We all know the types of people that see the worst case scenario before ideas are fully developed. These types of people are detrimental to everyone’s efforts.

When people look at the brighter, positive perspective they become more productive. When people believe they can accomplish something they are much more likely to actually reach their goal. Negative thinking is a hindrance to success and happiness.

In fact, in a recent Harvard study they found that people with a positive attitude are 19% more accurate, 31% more productive, and 10x more creative.

Point 2: Happiness is a Choice!

Happiness isn’t a fleeting thing that is only occurs during a vacation or right after a business win. Happiness is a choice and it needs to be cultivated, like any other important thing.

When people take a stance of happiness they are much less likely to allow small setbacks to affect their attitudes. We all have the ability to ignore bad experiences or allow unkind words to roll off our backs.

Happiness allows us to focus on what matters most and on what we want to achieve. Other people’s opinions matter less when we have a positive perspective.

We have to rise above negative thinking and detrimental attitudes. Each of us possesses the power to be happy and positive.

Point 3: Nothing can be Accomplished Without Confidence!

We have to hold our heads high and expect greatness from ourselves! If you expect the worst, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Self-fulfilling prophecies are all too real. We truly become what we think about. If you think bad things are about to happen, you are probably right. However, if you expect great things are ahead you can lead yourself directly to success.

When people confidently stride through life it seems as though success just follows them around. They seem to have the world handed to them and that makes them confident. This is the wrong way of looking at the situation.

The real secret to success is being confident in your efforts. These people are not confident because they have achieved success, they are confident in themselves and therefore become successful.

Many people think they should only be confident once the have achieved their goals. This is backwards to the reality of the situation. If you want to successful, have confidence in your abilities and be positive in your attitude.

Bringing it all Together:

Each of us could make an effort to be in a better mood. Every person in the world would benefit from smiling a little bit more.

We can’t sulk through life expecting bad things to happen. We have to look for the good, expect the best outcomes, and work to impact others positively. Be confident in your value as a person, employee, or a spouse.

It’s time for all of us to quit being negative and start being awesome!

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