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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

If You’re Not Flambé, You’re just Flan

In a late night conversation over a beer with Victor Antonio, one of the world’s leading sales trainers, we had a frank discussion about what necessary for a person to be impactful. While the discussion meandered constantly, one of the main things…

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Check Your Ego at the Door

Ego has no place in an office. Modern day businesses have all sorts of politics, posturing, sabre rattling, and chest thumping. While seen as a necessity for gaining power, it is hugely detrimental to the goals of any organization…

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14 ways to rekindle your Enthusiasm for work

Everyone started their first day of work from a place of enthusiasm. It’s day 300 where the challenges seem overwhelming and the pay seems too small for what you have to put up with. We all long for that excitement again. We all want to feel…

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3 Cures for When you Hate your Job

Do you hate your job? I’m so sorry. I know exactly how you feel. Years ago I was in the exact same situation. I used to hate my job. I felt stuck without any clue on how to change my situation. I was continually waiting for something to happen…

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You Are Either Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting

The world of business is constantly evolving and adapting and if you organization fails to adjust you may be doomed. Okay, that may sound a bit intense, but it happens. Many times the changes are slow and gradual with huge shifts…

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Do NOT Prioritize Your Schedule!

You will never get everything done. It’s that simple. There are always more tasks to be completed than there are hours in a day. So what do you do? You you prioritize your schedule. You write down a list of everything…

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The Polite “NO”

It sounds mean, almost like personal attack when you hear it. With Amazon, Netflix, and UBER we have become so accustomed to getting exactly what we want immediately that we’ve lost the ability to say ‘No’ and we’ve forgotten the value of using the word…

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The Fog of War… Scratch that: The Fog of Business

Admit it, you have sat in a meeting wondering about what the other people are thinking. You glance around the room, keeping your cards close to your vest. You pontificate, posture, sabre rattle, and put up a facade to mislead colleagues…

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How To Battle Burnout!

You know that friend or colleague that is so fatigued that they could collapse at any moment. They seem like even the slightest thing could push them over the edge. You’ve seen that look before… they are burned out…

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Believe or Leave

“You either believe or leave.” She said it so calmly, so succinct that it made me shake my head. She continued, “I’m not a proponent of allowing people to coast through their work. I know it’s not common for employers to demand…

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