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If You’re Not Flambé, You’re just Flan

If You’re Not Flambé, You’re just Flan

In a late night conversation over a beer with Victor Antonio, one of the world’s leading sales trainers, we had a frank discussion about what necessary for a person to be impactful. While the discussion meandered constantly, one of the main things we kept returning to is that fact that no leader will ever be impactful unless they elicit a ‘WOW’ moment from the people they are working to inspire. Someone can have the greatest message or idea in the world, but without some semi-explosive ‘ah-ha’ the message will fall flat with the intended audience.

To be impactful the Flambe Moment is critical! Without a jaring, eye opening moment you are left with a shoulder shrugging ‘eh’. If your message doesn’t contain a flambe moment then it’s just flan. Flan, by any standard is unimpressive and not exciting. Its ‘eh’.

People don’t walk away inspired or enthusiastic about ‘eh’. To truly be impactful we need the ‘WOW!’ moment. We need to set up our messaging and ideas so that it’s sitting there soaked in brandy waiting for you to throw the match on it.

No one remembers mediocre. No one runs to tell their colleagues about something uninspired. Can you imagine Jim from accounting running down the hall to one of his coworker’s office and yelling “I just have to tell you about this boring idea!” Of course not.

To be memorable and impactful we have to twist a piece of reality. We have to take something seemingly normal and create a sense of wonder that surrounds it.

Strive to be extraordinary. Work towards significance. Set up your messaging, lull people in to a false sense of normalcy, and then light that match! If you’re not flambe, you’re just flan.

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