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You Are Either Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting

Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting

The world of business is constantly evolving and adapting and if you organization fails to adjust you may be doomed. Okay, that may sound a bit intense, but it happens. Many times the changes are slow and gradual with huge shifts being achieved in months or in most cases years. Companies that fail to see these trends will begin rotting on the vine until they whither to the point of obscurity.


Whatever happened to Blockbuster? They heard the future, they saw it coming and did NOTHING. In their early days Netflix even tried to have Blockbuster to purchase them (for a very cheap price). However, Blockbuster kept their heads down and refused to adapt.

What about travel agents? This used to be a necessary career. No longer. The world moved on and this is no longer a viable option.

Now taxi services are scrambling to catch up to the more adaptive and numble Uber and Lyft. And while they are fighting for their survival, it is almost inevitable that soon they will become obsolete as well.


I recently met a man recently that attended the original Woodstock as a child. While inquiring about the event he told me the one thing he remembers most. A dude with long hair leaned over to him and said “You’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting”. The deep man… Sorry, what I meant to say was this short phrase is quite profound for a stoned hippie.


This is something we should all apply to our companies and our lives. We have to continually grow and adapt otherwise we will atrophy. Just like a business needs to continually be growing their customer base, an organization’s staff needs to be constantly learning and growing as well.


If you desire an amazing company culture with engaged employees you have to continually be growing. Don’t allow the ‘How we’ve always done it’ attitude to rot you organization.


Embrace change, adapt often, and be willing to evolve to the ever changing landscape.


You are either green and growing or you are ripe and rotting.

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