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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

Talent Gets you in the Door…

Wise words for an office setting, though it is rarely followed. Let me pose a question: is everyone you work with of good character? I’m not talking about intentions, everyone has good intentions. In fact, everyone is…

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4 ways to Wield Influence in Your Organization

Everyone wants to wield influence in their organization. Influence is a fragile thing that has nothing to do with manipulation or being deceptive. Influence is all about helping others to see the value in your thoughts, ideas, and perspective…

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Determination Always Beats Indignation

It’s easy to begin something new with determination. A new year, a new job, a new relationship are all opportunities to sprint headlong into something. However, when faced with challenges, adversities, and unforeseen circumstances it can be difficult to maintain a high-level commitment…

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Don’t let Other People go Slow in the Passing Lane

Recently Idaho instituted a new law that makes going slow in the passing lane an offense that will earn you a ticket. After reading an article about how they are cracking down on people that are slowing the progress of others, it seemed to truly be a great message for our lives as well…

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Focus on what you CAN change, Forget the rest.

Many years ago I had a realization while in a frenzy of worry. It was the end of November and the end of the year was looming over me. I had been building and negotiating a huge software deal with one of my clients for the previous 9 months. I hadn’t heard…

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The Subtle Art of Actually Giving a F$@!

As you are likely aware, the recent book by Mark Manson, The subtle Art of Not Giving A F### has been a huge success. Having become a New York Times Best Seller and having an expletive in the title make this an intriguing book…

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7 Tips for Eliminating Workplace Complacency

Admit it, you’ve had to fight complacency in your workplace. Whether it was trying to convince yourself to focus on a project’s completion or watching your team’s eyes glaze over with despondency, we’ve all been there…

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Why you need to pay people to leave your organization

It’s time for you to pay people to leave your organization. There, I said it. Your organization is carrying around dead weight. Be honest with yourself. There are always going to be people that may be proficient at their work, but they will never really care about the goals or success of your company…

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How to Build an Empire While Surfing: UGG Founder’s Surprising Insight

I recently had the honor of interviewing UGG Founder, Brian Smith, on my podcast and a couple things struck me immediately. First off, he’s a laid back, wide grinning, and truly personable individual… and why wouldn’t he be?

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Stop Conditioning for NO

Do you say ‘NO’ too often? Okay, that was a bit of trick question. We live in a society that allows for ample excuses on why ‘NO’ is acceptable. Yes, no can be a valuable phrase for when friends…

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