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5-Step Guide to Realign After Disruption

Get your team back on track and reengaged at work after organizational shifts.

Adapting From Conventional Wisdom

A lot of people hold themselves back by sticking to the way it’s always been done. But in actuality, conventional wisdom is keeping you from being innovative. The people who think outside of the box…

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Tenure Means Nothing, Results are Everything.

During a recent coffee meeting with a friend, we’ll call her Laura, I was reminded of a very prevalent and frustrating situation that many organizations face. Laura was infuriated by the status of the long term employees at her organization. Having been…

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Tenure Means Nothing; Results Are Everything

Just because someone has been working for longer than you doesn’t mean that they are working harder than you. Hard work is always going to outshine someone who sits back because they’ve been around forever…

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Using Core Values to Drive Your Business with Matt Jung

Matt Jung is the CEO and co-founder of Comfort Research, maker of Big Joe products. When Matt and his co-founder started their business, they didn’t know the first thing about culture. But when their company expanded and they…

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Hire Good People, Not Good Employees

In a recent interview I conducted with Matt Jung, the founder of Comfort Research and BigJoe Products, he discussed his organization’s ethos on hiring. He said “We don’t want to hire good employees, we want…

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Stop Asking for things, Start Building them

Soon after leaving 10 year long career as a business development professional in the corporate world, I found myself setting a new and exciting goal. I wanted to speak on a TED or TEDx stage. At the time I didn’t have…

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