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Unplugged and Restored: The Importance of Vacation for Employees

Unplugged and Restored: The Importance of Vacation for Employees

It’s become a commonly accepted cultural fact that taking time off work is bad, and that taking a vacation means letting down your coworkers and your boss. This line of thinking has always bothered me, and after I came back from my own two-week vacation last year, I decided to write about why I believe it’s so important for employees to unplug when they go on vacation. It’s important to remember that we shouldn’t feel guilty about doing things in our personal life in addition to the job we do every day at work.


How To Really Unplug

We all know we should unplug on vacation, but it’s easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help you really disconnect:
1. Set an Out of Office message on your email and voicemail before you leave. This will help manage expectations and let people know you’re unavailable.
2. Let your team know you’ll be unreachable. If there’s someone who needs to be in the loop, make sure they have your contact information in case of an emergency.
3. Turn off notifications from social media apps like Facebook and Twitter so that you won’t see updates as soon as they happen. Download offline versions of apps like Netflix or Spotify so that you can still use them when traveling without using up any data or wifi.


Give Yourself A Time Limit

It can be difficult to unplug from work when you’re on vacation, especially if you’re the type of person who is always tethered to their phone or laptop. However, it’s important to give yourself a time limit in order to truly relax and rejuvenate. Try setting a rule that you won’t check work email or take any work calls after 5pm each day. This will help you relax and enjoy your time off.


Set Some Ground Rules

You don’t have to be completely unreachable, but it is important to set some ground rules with your team. Let them know when you’ll be available and when you won’t. Set an auto-responder on your email so people know when to expect a response. And most importantly, don’t feel guilty about taking vacation! You deserve it.


Don’t Feel Guilty About Taking Vacation

It’s time to stop allowing people to feel guilty when they take vacation. Allowing people to disconnect will enhance their personal and professional life. For years, we’ve been told that we have to unplug when we go on vacation. We’re told that it’s important for our mental health, our relationships, and our productivity at work. But even though we know all of this, many of us still don’t take vacation days because we feel guilty about it.


How To Balance Busy And Restful Time

As the summer season comes to a close, it’s important to take some time for yourself before the busy fall schedule begins. For many people, that means taking a vacation. But with work obligations piling up, it can be hard to feel like you can truly disconnect. Here are a few tips to help you balance busy and restful time while on vacation


What Happens When You Disconnect?

Disconnecting from work can feel like a luxury that you can’t afford, but it’s important to remember that taking vacation is an investment in your future productivity. When you unplug, you give yourself time to recharge, which can lead to improved focus and creativity when you return to work. In addition, disconnecting from work gives you time to reconnect with loved ones and pursue hobbies or interests outside of your career.

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