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Stop Hiring Mercenaries

You have to stop hiring mercenaries for you company right now! We’ve conditioned them to only do the things we ask for the money we provide, which is a set up formula for the bare minimum employee. They don’t care about your company. When another company offers them a little bit more money for the same job, they’ll jump ship! They’re looking out for themselves, not the best interest of your organization.

If you want to build the right kind of company, something envy worthy, you have to get rid of the people who are only in it for the money.

How to avoid and rid your company of toxic Mercenaries:

  1. If they’re in it just for the money, get rid of them. Offer a financial incentive to anyone who wants to leave, and see who jumps at the quick cash. Those are the people that don’t care about your company, they are just taking up space and punching clocks. You can weed out the people who are working for you because they actually care. The people who will take a couple grand to pack up and leave, never cared about your organization in the first place. And in the long run, your company will be better for it because you can build a stronger team of people who are invested in your organization.
  2. Develop your companies culture the right way! Engrain the meaning and purpose of your organization’s culture into your employees. Be explicit about the core values of your company and what you’re doing for society.  If you don’t, you will be doomed to having employees that are only in it for the money. Without the fire of a real purpose beneath them, your employees will lose interest and jump ship at a slightly better salary offer elsewhere. You cannot buy loyalty!
  3. Replace the clock punchers with the rock stars. Go find your low performers and get rid of them. If you can’t train them up, you have to trade them out. You will save so much money if you wait for the right candidate (the rock star) who really cares to come along and elevate the success of their entire team. A few empty desks short term will not set you back if you wait for the rock stars to fill them in long term.

It’s that simple! Unless you build the right culture, actively focus on creating it and then cultivating it internally, you’re going to be stuck with a pile of mercenaries that will leave for a few more dollars. That is not an envy-worthy workplace. Give your employees the meaning behind their work and engrain your company culture into them so they actually care about what they do. And finally, find your rock stars. They’re out there, ready to work for you!  But first, you must stop hiring mercenaries, it’s essential.

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