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Building the right Organizational Culture is not a day at the beach

Building the right Organizational Culture is not a day at the beach

When you are building the right culture for your organization it is going to have trying days. Not every employee will want to get on board immediately and some may never want to be part of it.

It is your job as a leader within your organization to make sure that the right people stay and the wrong people pursue other opportunities. Lets face it, changing your company culture is hard. Really hard. It is not something that can be undertaken in a day, week, or month. Building an organization al culture is a continual process that needs constant verification and continual adjustment. The key is surrounding yourself with staff that pick up the vision for what your organization will become.


Sharing a common aspiration will allow you and your team to weather all sorts of storms. A fixed target will allow everyone to see past daily challenges and keep fighting towards a phenomenal organizational culture.

There will be bad days, there will be descent, there will be hard conversations. When individuals refuse to change their normal modes of operation, when they decide they do not want to be part of the new culture you need to make sure they do not have the opportunity to infect the rest of your team. Hard conversations will need to be had, but you have the responsibility to remove those that will hinder your company’s progress.

Make decision quickly and definitively. Don’t waiver in your resolve to create an amazing culture within your organization.

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