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5 Ways to Be More Enthusiastic Today!

Enthusiasm is a powerful tool that can be used to develop positive outlooks, increase productivity, and help people become more successful in our personal and professional lives. It has the ability to incite passion and energy others. Enthusiasm is not always easy to manifest, however, everyone can benefit from its existence. Here are 5 simple techniques that you can implement today that will help you become more Enthusiastic!

1. State your large goal, out loud!:

What are you trying to accomplish? When we have a goal, it makes it easier to head towards it. We can see past small inconveniences and hurdles when we have our focus on end results. Hindrances are bound to happen, but when we have our mind on the finish line, small issues are less impactful.

“Obstacles are those dreadful things we see when we take our eyes off the goal” – Henry Ford

The act of stating your goal out loud has the great power to it. By verbalizing our intentions, is solidifies our resolve and reinvigorates our spirit. Re-stating your goal throughout any process can bring back your enthusiasm and remind you of the passion you started with!

2. List three things you have recently accomplished:

Think for a moment, of three things that you have recently completed. Can you take yourself back to middle of these tasks? Remembering the difficulty you’ve already overcome can strengthen your desire to succeed. By listing our already completed task, we have personal proof that we can and will succeed. When we know we have successfully accomplished other things, we instinctively become more accustomed to reaching our aspirations.

You’ve already done great things! You know you have and you know you will again! What better way to become motivated than to know you already have what it takes to be awesome?!

It’s the large goals that get us up in the morning and the small ones that get us to bed.

3. Identify an external source of motivation:

Not everyone has a go-to, pump-up song that energizes their body and spirit, however, if we can find an external source of energy we can easy tap into our own inmate enthusiasm. Whether it’s reading motivational quotes, reviewing other’s success stories, or speaking with a mentor, we all need to identify and exploit external sources of inspiration.

Do NOT seek out something that only mildly affects you. It must be something that is a mental and physical immersion. Something where you begin nodding your head, your heart rate increases, and that makes you genuinely smile.

Many times people feel that they are too busy to take 5 minutes for themselves to listen to a song or review an inspirational story. This is assuming a zero sum gain in either direction. When we become enthusiastic, our productivity sky-rockets! Taking a few moments to put yourself in a better place will yield huge returns. Finding an external source of motivation can help you increase your personal level of enthusiasm.

4. Smile at yourself in the mirror 10 times:

This may sound ridiculous, but there is a reason that sales people are told to ‘smile and dial’ when making phone calls. The mere act of smiling will make you physically become happier and therefore more enthusiastic. Even if it starts out as a fake smile, the tenth one will be much more genuine. As silly as it may seem, smiling at yourself in the mirror will put you in a better mood.

When we are happier we see things in a brighter light. We look for the positive and the good in our environment. Enthusiasm is much easier when you are in a positive state of mind. We all know the feeling of being excitedly happy about things. Use this as a technique to reach happiness and enthusiasm more quickly.

5. Build your confidence by putting something in your back pocket!:

Not literally, though you could. Think up something that is larger than what you are working on. Think of you biggest goal, your largest reason for living. This will help put things in perspective and will give you confidence. It is important to realize that there are things much larger than what is immediately in front of us. Little setbacks don’t matter. Small problems are just something to be overcome! Confidence will give you that little extra nudge to approach your goals. When you are confident in yourself, you become less self-conscious and more enthusiastic. Instead of being apologetic in our excitement, be confident in it! Being convicted in your efforts will allow you to have the energy and enthusiasm to become successful!

“No person who is enthusiastic about his work has anything to fear from life.”

– Samuel Goldwyn

Nobody becomes Enthusiastic accidentally. We get to make a conscious choice to be excited and energetic. Yes there are times when we need that extra cup of coffee or need to step away, but enthusiasm a choice of attitude. You get to decide if you are going to be complacent or enthusiastic!

Use these methods to manifest your own excitement and passion! They may seem sophomoric or too simplistic, but they work. You cannot hope to be enthusiastic if you do not want to be and make the effort to be. Think positively and be unapologetic about it! No one ever summited mount Everest by being complacent. Choose to be a better you, choose to be Enthusiastic!

Everyone deserves to be enthusiastic and passionate.

“Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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