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Uncertainty at Work: How to Help Your Employees Overcome It

Uncertainty at Work: How to Help Your Employees Overcome It

Today’s employees are facing levels of uncertainty never before seen. It causes disengagement, complacency, and sense of being lost. To help our team members overcome uncertainty, we would help them focus on the deeper purpose of their role by showing the connection between their individual tasks and the broader goals of the organization to which they belong. This will help them understand why their work matters not only to themselves but also to those around them and their greater community as well. Otherwise they will face severe uncertainty at work.


Creating a Sense of Purpose

As an employer, you want your employees to love their work. Creating a sense of purpose is one of your most important job responsibilities. Find out how you can help your team members focus on their purpose and feel fulfilled in their roles. To do so, try using these three steps. First, help them understand what drives them—what are they passionate about? Second, make that passion connect with their role and finally, have them figure out how they can add value and make a difference with it.


Teach Them About Recognizing When They Are Feeling Uncomfortable

If your team is feeling uncertainty, one of their most prominent symptoms will be discomfort. If they don’t recognize that they are feeling uncomfortable, they won’t know to dig deeper into what is making them feel that way and will, thus, stay in a state of confusion. Teach your employees how to spot when they are feeling uncomfortable and empower them with strategies for addressing it.


Create Meaningful Team Experiences

People want to feel like they’re working toward something bigger than themselves. When employees are able to work on projects that matter and make a positive impact, they feel engaged and fulfilled. In order for your team members to thrive in times of uncertainty, help them find meaning in their jobs by giving them opportunities to do great work with you—the leaders—at your side.


Offer Opportunities for Professional Development

When people feel that they’re growing as individuals, it shows. They’re more enthusiastic about their jobs and engaged in their work. Make sure you offer your employees training opportunities, professional development, and avenues for growth—but only if it’s actually useful!


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