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To Meet or Not to Meet? That is the question!

To Meet or Not to Meet? That is the question!

The world has been quick to adapt and evolve during 2020’s uncertainty. Hundreds of new virtual tools have become available to the public.  And yet, questions still remain with regard to the impact of a fully virtual world. Many organizations and associations have decided to take all their training virtual for the foreseeable future. This action is quite prudent in the short-term, however, if utilized for too long virtual events could negatively impact engagement and effectiveness.

Let’s be honest, the term social-distancing is a misnomer. It implies that we should be socially removed from each other. It insinuates that we should withdraw from our social relationships. This is very unhealthy.

A more accurate and amiable term would be physical-distancing. Humans need to be social. We need interactions with other people. It doesn’t matter if those interactions happen virtually or in-person at 6 feet apart. Personal and social interaction is essential for humans.

If the question is between meeting or not, we should most definitely be meeting. So, the real question becomes should we settle in for more virtual or look towards in-person options?

Let’s look at both sides of the coin:

Why are virtual meetings great?

  • Health and Safety of members
  • Eliminates geographic challenges
  • Saves money on venue
  • Only have to dress from the waist up

Why are in-person meetings great?

  • Camaraderie
  • Collaboration
  • More effective Communication
  • Deeper sense of belonging
  • Emotional connections
  • Increased likelihood of membership renewal
  • No virtual burnout

People have been separated long enough. Because of this, your members need to connect with one another. Remind them of why your organization is so invaluable to them. Help them reconnect, recharge, and refresh.

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