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The Power of Purpose: Why You Should Add Purpose to Your KPI’s

The Power of Purpose: Why You Should Add Purpose to Your KPI’s

What’s the difference between an employee who makes you feel warm and fuzzy when they walk into your office versus one who brings the air temperature down by at least 15 degrees? It could be as simple as purpose. Purpose should be added to every employee’s KPI’s (key performance indicators). When an employee has purpose they work harder, care more, and positively impact all those they interact with. Purpose is the new standard.


This year will be different

We’re all ready for a fresh start and a new beginning. One way you can make this happen in your workplace is by adding purpose to your employee’s key performance indicators (KPI’s). It may sound silly or even ridiculous, but there is some serious benefits to adding purpose. Employees with purpose are less likely to leave, more likely to achieve objectives, and often more innovative than their counterparts that are just working for a paycheck. Purpose is the new standard that should be added to every employee’s KPI’s so they know how they are impacting the world around them on a daily basis.


What are Key Performance Indicators?

Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures that businesses use to track and assess progress towards their goals. By adding purpose to your KPIs, you can better motivate and engage employees in the work they’re doing. Here’s why you should make purpose a key part of your business strategy. 1) Employees with purpose do their jobs better because they care more about what they’re doing and how it impacts other people. 2) Purposeful companies have stronger customer relationships because customers know the company cares about them. 3) Purpose drives innovation- research has shown that having a clear sense of purpose is the best predictor for future success. 4) Purposeful organizations are more productive than those without a sense of purpose- people feel more rewarded when they know what their work means to others and to themselves.


Adding Meaning to KPI’s

Every employee has their own key performance indicators, or KPI’s. But what if we took it a step further and added purpose to those KPI’s? When an employee has purpose, they work harder, care more, and positively impact all those they interact with. Purpose is the new standard. By adding purpose to your KPI’s, you can create a more meaningful work environment and motivate your employees to do their best work.


5 Ways Businesses Can Adopt This Practice Today

1. Define what your company’s purpose is and make sure it is clear to everyone on the team.
2. Incorporate purpose into job descriptions and performance reviews.
3. Encourage employees to find ways to connect their personal values with their work.
4. Create opportunities for employees to share their stories about how they are making a difference.
5. Encourage your organization to be committed to doing well by doing good.

Purpose drives success, says Ray Wang, CEO at Constellation Research. It may sound overly simple, but when you have an employee who has a sense of purpose, the likelihood that they’ll care more, perform better, and be more passionate about their work increases exponentially.


Check out the Power of Purpose here.

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