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The ONE Thing you can do for Guests Today to bring Familiarity to an Unfamiliar Place

The comfort of your guests and patrons is paramount to anything in the hospitality business. Everyone likes cleanliness, efficiency, and attention to details, but the single most important factor to your guests’ well being is feeling welcomed and comfortable.

May establishments work very hard to make their clientele welcome. The idea of a ‘Home away from Home’ is not a new thought. In fact, it has practically become an institution. Having the comforts of home enables our guests to relax and enjoy their stay.

There are many different ways to give our guests familiarity. We supply coffee brands most like. Our chefs provide generic menu options. We homogenize our staff’s demeanor, responses, and accents. All this in an attempt to leave our guests with a homey, familiar feeling towards our establishments.

While these things are semi-thoughtful touches we can employ, there is one thing that warms more hearts and eases the minds of the wariest of travelers.

The smile.

Smiling can break down barriers, overcome confrontations, and enable someone to to accept the service of your staff. We don’t often practice smiling, do we?

Its an innate thing that comes naturally to most humans from an early age. This small factor can help bring familiarity to the most unfamiliar places in the world. You don’t need words. You don’t need instant coffee or hamburgers on the menu.

To make people truly feel comfortable, all you need is to SMILE.

Stay passionate, be enthusiastic, and SMILE as often as possible!

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