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The Gap of Customer Experience

Think for a moment about a time where you received amazing service as a customer. Maybe it was a server at a restaurant that went above and beyond or perhaps it was someone in IT support that solved your problems so efficiently and authentically that it made you smile. When you think about a time you were served well, how does it make you feel? Does it make you appreciate doing business with them? Would you want to patronize them again? What are the chances you would tell someone about the amazing service you received?

In any environment, it is possible for people to exceed expectations and leave their clientele astounded by the level of service. It is this level engagement that create lifetime customers and raving fans. On the other hand, for every time you feel served by someone, there is most likely someone that has the exact opposite feeling about that company or establishment. While we may be compelled to tell people about an amazing experience we had with an organization, there will be someone that had a horrible experience with them. It is a sad fact that people with bad experiences are much more likely to share feedback. This makes it even more critical for every organization to strive for CONSISTENT excellence.

Now think for a moment about your business. Think of a client you have served with excellence. How was their reaction? Would they do business with you again?

Now imagine a client you had that felt underserved. Where was the loss of continuity between the excellent service and the poor service? Who is responsible for the break-down in quality? Was it expectations that were out of alignment or was it a failure in consistency?

We can not afford to be excellent sometimes. We have to strive to be extraordinary all the time. View negative feedback as an opportunity to adjust, improve, and remeasure.

Always strive to serve your clients and authentically and enthusiastically as possible!

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