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The best talent wants and needs challenges in their role

The best talent wants and needs to be constantly challenged in their role

Company culture, one of the hottest topics in business today, revolves around three key things: mission, culture and talent (both internal and external). It’s this last part that I want to dive into today. As a leader in my company, I’ve seen firsthand how what we do to develop our team members shapes our culture and how that makes us stand out in the competitive job market we are in. It starts with accepting that continual professional development is a must have, not a nice to have for company culture. The best talent wants and needs to be constantly challenged in their role. No matter how you slice the pie, talent needs challenges.


Why professionals need continual professional development

In a workforce that’s driven by technology, it is imperative for employees to remain relevant. This can only happen through constant growth within a role, which is known as continual professional development. The concept of CPD became popular with managers who were looking for ways to develop employees while reducing management costs. However, many professionals are unaware of what CPD really means or why it is essential for your career. Here are three reasons why you should invest in your personal development every day


How continual professional development improves an organization

A company’s culture is set by its leadership. If a company’s leaders are always learning, then there will be a greater emphasis on continual professional development. CPD leads to employees feeling as though they’re growing within their roles which leads to better performance, retention, and productivity.


Being a lifelong learner makes you invaluable

You are probably aware that you should always keep your skillset fresh by picking up new skills, but did you know that doing so will also make you more employable? Employees who constantly grow their skill sets—whether it’s through professional development courses or on-the-job experience—are simply better at doing their jobs.


Finding ways to learn outside your normal everyday activities

Learning outside of your normal activities helps you keep your brain healthy and growing, which is a great thing if you’re working day-in and day-out on similar tasks. As an example, learning to play an instrument or speak another language can help you think creatively while working through problems. These skills are invaluable for work. (After all, who doesn’t want their employees to thrive?)

In conclusion, the best talent needs challenges in their role and in their work to stay adaptive and relevant.

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