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The Age Of Mediocrity

You are holding yourself back.

No one is to blame for your place in this world except for you. Being accountable to our actions (or inaction) is the first step towards becoming a useful and valuable member of society.

Today people want everything handed to them on a golden platter without a thinking that they most likely do not even deserve it. Instant fame, success, and wealth are seen and envied by the vast majority of individuals. Why?

The social media allows people to live their highlight reel in front of the world. People see reality TV stars being given money and notoriety for no reason. It is understandable that other people would wonder why they can’t be included in this fictitious, famous for being famous world that is thriving all around us.

The truth is going to hurt.

You deserve nothing. Just like these instantly famous people, if you have added no value to society then you deserve nothing. I’m sorry to say it, entertainment value does not count.

True worth is never valued by the number of people that follow you on Twitter or how many Facebook likes you receive. This is a huge facade that our culture has built to make themselves feel more influential than they really are.

Actually do something!

Want to make an impact on society? Actually get out there and do something. Advance our species in any way you can. Follow your dreams, build a non-profit, be successful at business, provide true value to those around you… do anything that is beneficial towards other people.

It is seen in action every day of our lives and so many people miss the connection.

The true secret to success is to serve other people. If you strive to serve others in a fantastic way, success will be assured. If you work to provide genuine value to the people you work for/with the money will follow.

Don’t pursue the quick fix! 

This microwave generation is degrading interpersonal communications and cheapening the meaning of relationship. Do not be tempted to take the easy route! Choose to be better than everyone else around you! Put in the time, the effort, and the work to be your true self.

If more people would stop living the lives of others, we would be much more productive as a society and much happier individuals.

Never look to others to define success or happiness. Don’t accept mediocrity and call it ‘Good Enough’!

Never let other people’s definitions define anything in your life.

Go out into the world and be the best YOU!

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