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Stop caring about your resume and start caring about your attitude

Stop caring about your resume and start caring about your attitude

Attitude really is everything. With so many ways to keep learning and stay ahead of the game, it’s time to stop worrying about your resume and start focusing on your attitude in the workplace. As important as experience might be, it can also breed complacency, which can lead to stagnation and a lack of innovation that can really hurt the bottom line of any company. So instead of waiting for that next big promotion before you take on more responsibility at work, think about ways you can make an impact no matter what your job title or level within the company.


Learn from everyone

Every person you come in contact with represents a piece of a puzzle you are trying to solve. If there is something that you do not understand, ask someone more experienced to help clarify it for you. Be inquisitive, experiment and try new things. Also, be sure to pay attention to company culture. A bad company culture will often show through immediately in interviewers attitudes or professionalism.


Stop thinking about what you know and start thinking about what you don’t know

When you consider everything that you still have to learn, you become less self-assured, which leads to a better learning experience. You also come up with more innovative ideas. While some experts will argue otherwise, company culture is often linked directly to business success. If you want your company’s innovation to thrive, cultivating an open-minded attitude toward learning will be essential. A positive company culture will foster happy employees who are eager and willing to try new things within their professional field of expertise.


Show up with energy

First impressions are everything. When you walk into a business meeting, you’re expected to be fully prepared and ready to go. If you have a scowl on your face or if you seem disinterested in what’s happening, you aren’t going to make a good impression with potential employers, clients or business partners. Instead of worrying about making a good first impression during meetings, take time before each one to really embrace what is happening.


Have fun

Attitude is more important than experience. With the ever changing working world and quickly evolving process, experience is no longer as important as someone willing to learn, innovate, and willing to take risks. Experience can breed complacency. But with a new hire who has a fun outlook on life they will try new things, they will want to be involved in every aspect of their company from policy making to expansionism.


Take risks

If you can’t be innovative at a new company, it’s time to quit. There is no reason to stay with a company that stifles innovation and creative thinking. As long as you have an open mind, you can always find ways to contribute. Look for companies that cultivate a growth mindset culture where people are willing to take risks – even if they fail – because they understand it will make them better in the long run.


Never stop learning

It’s not just important to keep your skillset up-to-date, but also to stay ahead of curve. This means keeping an eye on new technologies and methodologies, as well as staying apprised of changes to company culture. Even if you feel like you’re an expert in a particular field, don’t be afraid to reach out for additional training or education; it can help improve productivity or allow you to approach problems from a fresh perspective.


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