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Staying Connected in the Hybrid Wastelands

Staying Connected in the Hybrid Wastelands

Hybrid, hybrid, hybrid. It’s all the world is talking about. Chances are you are currently working in a hybrid work environment. As the country and business begin to open back up, we are faced with new challenges. The blending of remote and physical experiences have become the norm. You are now provided with the opportunity to physically go to work or to work remotely. The conferences you plan to attend are offering ways to remotely attend.

The Hybrid Model is Here to Stay

One thing is certain, the hybrid model is here to stay. This flexibility brings great opportunity but even greater responsibility. When you work from home, distractions are much more plentiful. However, people have become accustomed to the remote option. Is this a good thing?

What About Connection?

So, what about the connection we have with our teams and colleagues? With the rise of this hybrid model you and your team need to be become hyper focused staying connected. Remote work has increased emotional distance among even the closest of teams. The hybrid workplace has become a wasteland of disconnection. Why?

The Need for Human Connection

You and your colleagues have need for human connection. When the water cooler was abandoned, so was the personal chit chat. This means a large part of the personal interactions we need are now happening virtually. Therefore, everyone has an inherent need to connect with others in a deeper way than a virtual platform can provide.

3 Ways To Reconnect in the Hybrid Wasteland

Here are 3 ways for you to connect with your team in the hybrid wasteland.

  1. Weekly 1 hour (no business) meetings. Projects, emails, and deadlines are ever constant in our roles. However, in this hybrid world we are in desperate need of scheduling personal interactions outside of business objectives. Schedule a weekly, one hour meeting on your colleagues calendars to connect as a team. Try team building exercises, jokes, question of the day, or any other ice-breaker to reconnect with your team.
  2. Check in with others often. Pre-Covid people would walk through the office engaging in micro-interactions. A head nod, complement, thumbs up, or even sharing the coffee maker created small tangible connections to the people you work with. Which means, we need to look for opportunities to check in with coworkers throughout the week. In addition, small interactions can keep people motivated and help develop a sense of belonging.
  3. Be present. Make the conscious decision to be emotionally present in the meeting you attend. Whether virtual or in person you need to devote your full attention to what is in front of you.


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