Known for his energy, audience engagement and actionable tools to improve work performance through enjoyment, Josh helps audiences walk away with power and confidence–and thinking about how much fun they had! Whatever your needs are for your company, conference, or event, Josh can tailor one of his signature talks to be a truly engaging and effective session for all audiences.

“Josh was a phenomenal speaker for our Event! He not only got our attendees excited about being at the conference, he enlightened them with some much-needed and very practical tools. He was fantastic!”

Founding Board member, GBTA Chapter

You can expect your audience to:

  • Walk away with a reignited passion for their work

  • Understand how their enjoyment can help their company be more successful

  • Have confidence to create and ruthlessly pursue big goals

  • Contribute to their company culture in positive and profitable ways
  • Laugh out loud a whole lot


Rediscovering the Enthusiastic You!

Reigniting your Passion for the Work you do

A Culture of Engagement

Why & How to Build Passionate, Engaged Teams

Catalyst of Positive Change

Transforming Teams into Passionate Organizational Ambassadors

A Move Towards Meaning

How to Develop Stronger Teams Through Deeper Meaning

Deploying Emotional Intelligence

Effective Communication Tools for Impactful Conversations

Your team depends on your leadership to regain motivation, email me now to find the right talk for your organization.

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Organizations Josh has give speeches to include:

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