Known for his energy, audience engagement and actionable tools to improve work performance through enjoyment, Josh helps audiences walk away with power and confidence–and thinking about how much fun they had! Whatever your needs are for your company, conference, or event, Josh can tailor one of his signature talks to be a truly engaging and effective session for all audiences.

“Josh was a phenomenal speaker for our Event! He not only got our attendees excited about being at the conference, he enlightened them with some much-needed and very practical tools. He was fantastic!”

Founding Board member, GBTA Chapter


Enthusiasm Now: Reigniting Your Engagement

How to reclaim your passion and enthusiasm for the work you do

Culture Cleaning: How to Effectively Communicate

Transitioning toward authenticity in the workplace and focusing on meaning

Mission Critical: Developing Your Company’s Vision

Cultivating the Common Mission

Game Change: Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence

Everyday tools for everyday success

Employee Transformation: Creating Passionate Ambassadors

How to transform your team into passionate ambassadors for your organization

You can expect your audience to:

  • Walk away with a reignited passion for their work

  • Understand how their enjoyment can help their company be more successful

  • Have confidence to create and ruthlessly pursue big goals

  • Contribute to their company culture in positive and profitable ways

  • Laugh out loud a whole lot

Your team depends on your leadership to regain motivation, email me now to find the right talk for your organization.

Let’s Talk

Organizations Josh has give speeches to include:

  • University of Houston
  • AIAP
  • Global Business Travel Association
  • TEDxSugarLand
  • HFTP, Mid-Florida Conference
  • California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns
  • Habitude Warrior Conference Dallas
  • Florida Healthcare Association
  • HR Houston Gulf Coast Symposium
  • Arizona Association Chiropractors
  • SHRM
  • Houston Organizational Development Network
  • Habitude Warrior Conference
  • PNEC
  • Brain Tease Dallas
  • Habitude Warrior Conference, San Francisco
  • Fresh Business Connections
  • Educational Leadership Consultants
  • Houston Food Bank, Food Drive
  • Houston Chamber of Commerce
  • Aga Khan School
  • California Hotel & Lodging Association
  • HFTP, MidWest Regional Conference
  • And many more…