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Purpose is the New Standard

Purpose is the New Standard

Purpose is quickly becoming the new standard in the working world. Options for job seekers are more plentiful than ever before. For years people have sought competitive pay, good benefits, perks, and workplace flexibility. These things were once “nice to have” or on the wishlist for team members. Today these have become cost-of-entry items for potential employees.

To obtain and retain the best people, you will need to view these things as the new baseline for what you offer your team. To get employees to truly care about their work they need something more. You need to provide something deeper. You need to provide them with purpose.

Purpose is No Longer Bound by Geography

The prevalence of remote working forces has proven that people are no longer bound by geography when it comes to their jobs. Something that started out as the occasional virtual assistant or outsourced marketing team has transformed the working world dramatically. Now you have entire teams of employees working, collaborating, and succeeding remotely. In other words, traditional working environments have become obsolete.

To obtain the best talent, you need to be providing something unique. This means you need to be providing something different from other organization.

Purpose is the Differentiator!

Pay and benefits are less of a motivator than they used to be. You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Purpose is the differentiator. Having a deeper sense of purpose behind our work puts us in our best position. Purpose drive people to be loyal, be more engaged, and to produce more than those working for a paycheck. However, you have to be hyper focused on your organization’s purpose if you want to attract and keep the best people.

How can you focus on purpose?

The big question on peoples mind is how can we focus on purpose? This is not an intangible aspiration. Purpose is the new standard. Purpose is manifested with the application of four elements:

  • Talents: When someone’s talents are a good fit for a role
  • Passion: Where interest is cultivated into an emotional connection to their work
  • Contribution: When someone knows their work is part of something bigger than themselves
  • Value: When someone know that their work has meaning and is filling a need

If you can do these things, you are on the verge of a peerless organizational culture.

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