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Luck Will Rob YOU of Success

Luck Robs People of Success (or at least the idea of luck robs people)

Good luck, bad luck it’s all the same. The idea that good things or bad things happen randomly at the whim of some superstitious dogma is ridiculous. Individuals do not go through a stream of bad luck. What they are actually doing is making poor decisions that compound upon themselves and result in additional bad decisions. On the other side of the fence, people do not just stumble into a streak of good luck. They consciously put themselves in a place that allows good things to happen.

Whether in your personal or professional life, luck had absolutely nothing to do with your successes or failures. Success, or the lack of success, comes from the effort you put in.

The idea of “luck” steals opportunity and robs people of their success. When people perceive that “bad luck’ has entered into their life they make excuses for the actions that led to the bad results or situation they find themselves faced with. While “good luck” is often seen as a windfall, when it is perceived as a random occurrence it enables people to ease up on their efforts and not see the true catalysts of their success.

When you believe in luck it practically gives you permission to ease off the gas and put in less effort. I can’t get mad at people that believe in luck. Why wouldn’t you be lazier if your fate was left only to chance?

But, here’s the thing, Luck and success are not random occurrences.

Luck is not some random occurrence or supernatural moment. The best definition I have found is that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Luck is really about doing the right things day in and day out. Once you have prepared, it’s all about capitalizing on the right moment.

Don’t let the fear of bad luck or the hope of good luck hinder you from making every necessary effort. Success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens when you make the effort.

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