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It’s Time to Focus on Building Character, Not Brand

It’s Time to Focus on Building Character, Not Brand

With every passing year, it seems as though we become more and more shallow. Instead of pursuing higher goals, we’re obsessed with how many followers we have on social media and counting the number of likes our posts receive. If you’re one of those people, take a step back and consider the fact that it might be time to put your phone down and focus on building your character instead of building your brand or reputation online.


Why Have People Become so Shallow?

A growing number of studies suggest that our outward-facing culture—which prizes self-promotion and social media attention over introspection and personal growth—is making us anxious, depressed, and unfulfilled. Take a look at your own social media accounts; do you see people sharing (and re-sharing) content that makes them appear awesome in front of their peers?


How To Develop Your Own Character

Although it may seem cliché, stop and really think about what you’re thankful for. Do you love your family? The job you have? A special hobby? Take a few minutes out of your day to write down everything that makes you happy or proud. This can be a great first step in building your character because it reminds you of all of your most important values and teaches you how to prioritize them in your daily life.


Why Focusing On A Strong Moral Compass Is Important

A strong moral compass is an essential part of developing good character. If you have a strong sense of what’s right and wrong—and you refuse to stray from your values for personal gain—you’ll be less likely to do something that hurts someone else or profits at their expense.


How To Create A Work Environment With Stronger People

When hiring new employees, don’t just look at skill sets. Look for character strengths such as grit and zest—character traits that are more related to job performance than cognitive intelligence. People with these qualities have higher sales and workplace engagement compared to people with high IQs. Grit is passion and perseverance toward long-term goals. It helps people adapt and recover from failure. Zest is excitement in work, productivity, creativity and curiosity.


Here are some important character traits in the workplace.

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