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How to Deal with Alone Time as a Leader

How to Deal with Alone Time as a Leader

Leadership roles are often a lonely place. You have to make the decision, the big call, and you may be the only one who gets it right on the first try (or even agrees with your decision). As the leader, this can sometimes be difficult to deal with, especially if you’re not naturally used to making decisions alone and weighing every aspect of a situation. The best leaders know how to engage their team and make themselves part of the bigger group, even if that means stepping out of their comfort zone as an individual.


Know When You Need Help

The great thing about being part of a team is that you have people to turn to when things get tough. The downside is, it’s easy for us leaders to lose ourselves in work—especially if we feel like our team isn’t moving at our pace. The best way for you to avoid losing sight of your relationship with your team members? Learn how and when it’s appropriate to ask for help.


Choose How You Communicate

Leadership is about getting things done through others. That means you are going to have people working for you, and that means some of your time will be spent communicating with them. So, how do you go about doing that? In most cases, one-on-one communication will be more effective than group meetings or presentations.


Ask for Advice

Leadership roles can be lonely places. We take charge of an entire team, which means we often have nobody to bounce ideas off of or tell us when we’re on track or wrong. The best way for a leader to deal with loneliness is simple: ask for advice from your team. Make yourself part of them; don’t be afraid that you’ll lose respect if you ask questions, admit mistakes, and show vulnerability.


Give your Team Control

One of your most important jobs as a leader is guiding your team, but you also have to know when you need them to take over. Give your team some agency, too. If they feel like their opinions matter, they’ll naturally start collaborating more and giving better input. Here are three ways you can let your team lead


Encourage Others

As you are an up-and-coming leader, you may need to encourage others from time to time. The best leaders know how important it is for everyone on their team to feel like they are part of something big and that they have value in what they do. Think about how you can encourage those around you and your employees—perhaps even by setting aside some alone time for them so that they know it’s not just about work but about getting people together and having fun.


Respect Everyone

One thing all of history’s great leaders had in common was an ability to respect everyone around them. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking orders from generals or team members. You must be able to show respect and know how to read people well. If you can do that, you’ll set yourself up for success in any leadership role.


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