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How to Build the RIGHT Culture in Your Business

Creating a great company culture is the goal of most organizations. We all desire to be part of something great and want to truly believe in the ethos of our organizations. How can we ensure that we are building towards the RIGHT culture for our business?

First, we have to visualize where we want our organizations to be in the coming years. Without a clear goal for where we want to be, we can never know the right steps to take to move us towards it. Directionless is terrible place for a organizational culture to be. Ask yourself, where does our organization want to be in the eyes of our staff? in the eyes of our clientele?

Once you have an idea of how you want to build your culture, you can begin taking action towards it.

As with any initiative, there is going to be push back! Anytime new ideas are brought to an existing group of people, you will have people that don’t agree with the new direction. You can either waste lots of time working counter to these people and trying to convince them or you can rid your organization of people that are not willing to adapt. Either way, growing pains should be expected during any transitionary time, especially large cultural shifts like this. The key to successfully building the right culture is commitment. Choose what you want to achieve and then strive to reach it.

This can become more art than science as a certain amount of rigidity and flexibility need to be applied. How do you know when to apply each? There is no right answer. However, keeping the right goals in mind will help your organization make progress towards your cultural aspirations.

So what is the right culture? No one can answer that for you. Its a combination of what incites the best work from your team and what creates the most loyalty from your clientele.

While building a great culture can be a lot trial and error, never lose sight of the main focuses of your business. When the right objectives and attitudes come together it will create a noticeable synergy in your organization. Begin building your business’s amazing culture today!

Always strive for excellence and always maintain your enthusiasm!

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