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How Do I Get My Staff To Listen? – Rule by Fear!

How do I get my staff to do what I want?

You CAN’T!!!

While fear is one of the most prevalent ways to instill a sense of authority in staff members, it is usually short lived. No one likes being ruled or managed. For staff members and employees to be their best, eventually they will need to buy in to the goals of your organization and commit themselves to those aspirations.

You can’t force staff to be loyal, as much as many people wish they could. We have to bring them into the fold and let them in on the big idea. Organizations need people to carry the banner on their own volition, people who genuinely want your business to be successful and your clientele to be satisfied.

What does it take? Threats get you nowhere. Strictness will breed contempt. Demands will be met with resentment.

So, how do we overcome these problems and authentically connect with staff so they WANT to contribute the right way?

It all starts with Authenticity. If we can be real with our staff thy are more likely to take on our goals as their own. Work to build rapport. Show your employees you trust them. Let them in on the big ideas that your organization stands for.

When people feel like they are part of something bigger, they will strive to make the group’s goals their own.

“Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.” -Old Proverb

You cannot force anyone to do what you want. You can only convince. Don’t look at employees as people to be managed and subjugated. Look at them as people who want leadership and direction. Give them the big reasons and watch them strive for excellence.

The average staff member is looking for a way to be extraordinary. Help them achieve that potential by giving them the support, the freedom, and the trust they desire.


What ever you do, do NOT try and RULE by FEAR!


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