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How Companies Can Win the Future of Work by Connecting Emotionally with Their Employees

How Companies Can Win the Future of Work by Connecting Emotionally with Their Employees

For some time now, companies have been investing in technology and capital assets to connect with their employees. But what about the most important connections of all? We’re talking about emotional connections here. Emotional connections are incredibly powerful, which is why so many companies are trying to figure out how to connect with their employees on an emotional level to get the most from them at work. Here’s how to start making emotional connections with your employees today!


Reasons why emotional connections are important

Emotional connections are important because they help employees connect to their work, which is a crucial aspect in delivering quality work. When employees can connect to their work, they’re more invested and committed. This leads to higher satisfaction, commitment and job satisfaction on behalf of employees, which ultimately leads to better output. On top of that, emotional connections also make it easier for leaders to communicate with their teams and develop strong relationships. It helps them understand what motivates each employee so they can tailor performance evaluations accordingly. Finally, when workers feel connected to their company, they have a greater sense of pride in their work—which makes them happier overall.


Ways to make your employee experience more emotional

One way companies can deliver more emotional benefits to their employees is through office design. It turns out that certain spaces and even color have a huge impact on our moods. So be sure to consider these factors when creating an ideal work environment for your team . For example, one study found that workers in offices with high ceilings are happier than those in low-ceilinged offices. And another found that people in red rooms (as opposed to blue or green) were more likely to experience higher levels of energy and motivation. Also, make sure you’re providing plenty of opportunities for your team members to connect emotionally over things like food, travel, games, sports, etc.


Why this matters now more than ever before

According to Gallup’s research, employees aren’t just indifferent about their organizations—they actually feel contempt for them. That can stem from high turnover rates, frequent layoffs and a sense that a company doesn’t really care about its employees. According to Gallup, the world is struggling to build organizations where people know they are valued and will be treated with respect.

You have to focus on people to win the future of work.


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