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Great Employees Solve Big Problems

Great Employees Solve Big Problems

Great employees are called to solve the really big problems, and they can only do it if they’re approaching their work with a sense of purpose. Their results speak for themselves, but how do you actually get them there? Here are some practical ways to make sure your employees are committed to solving big problems with the right approach and mindset. More often than not, the great employees bring solutions to the table.


Defining Big Problems

Defining a big problem can be overwhelming. If you’re stuck on where to start, focus on solving a problem at work or in your industry that truly frustrates you. Not only will it be a solvable challenge, but it will also be something that makes you feel passionate enough to keep working toward solutions. Big problems don’t happen over night—they take time and dedication to tackle and fix.


Developing Solutions

Every solution can be dissected into three components: a need or problem, a cause, and a proposed solution. When employees start to work on a big problem from that standpoint, they’re not only more likely to solve it, but also more likely to enjoy their work along the way. This is because they have purpose—they know why they’re doing what they do. They are focused on finding solutions to problems that matter, rather than just churning out tasks. And when you find solutions to problems of real importance, you feel great about your job—which means you don’t mind working hard to accomplish your goals and objectives.


Asking the Right Questions

Great employees will always ask questions about their purpose. Why are we doing things a certain way? and What is our goal? are two examples. Great employees want to know if they are helping with something important, if they are succeeding and where they can contribute more in order to succeed even more. They don’t accept that’s just how it’s done around here as an answer because they understand that there may be better ways of getting things done. If you want your employees to solve big problems, give them a sense of purpose and allow them to ask questions so that they understand what success looks like.


A Purpose Driven Workforce

Small companies need great employees to achieve their goals, but employees are no longer tied to organizations for life. They can work where they want and how they want, so attracting them requires motivation. When a company’s goal aligns with its workforce’s purpose, both sides come out as winners.


When You Just Can’t Figure it Out – Get Help

Don’t let pride, stubbornness or a bad attitude keep you from seeking help when you really need it. There are so many times when we have no idea how to get around a big obstacle, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way around it; in fact, most obstacles (or problems) only seem insurmountable because we haven’t figured out how to get around them yet. Great employees bring solutions, but they also know when to get help.


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