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Getting Back Into Your Normal Routine After Vacation

Getting Back Into Your Normal Routine After Vacation

Vacations are meant to be relaxing. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have time to waste when you get back from vacation. If you’re ready to get back into your normal routine, there are some things you can do to make sure you can do it smoothly and enjoyably. Here are some tips for getting back into your normal routine after vacation.


Not all jobs are created equal

Especially after a well-deserved vacation, it’s easy to slip back into work with low energy. But being at your best matters to your boss, your colleagues and—let’s be honest—to you. To help you get up to speed quickly and easily (and stay there), we talked to two experts: psychotherapist Dr. Jim Taylor and organizational psychologist Dr. Julie K. Norem of Wellesley College. Here are their strategies for making reentry as painless as possible. 1. Be ready to go. Get everything ready before you leave on vacation so that when you return, all you have to do is jump in and start working. People who don’t prepare are going to come back worse off than if they had done nothing at all, says Taylor. You’re likely to feel like you didn’t accomplish anything while you were away, which can make it harder to focus when you return. If you take time before leaving to review what needs to be done upon your return, then returning won’t feel like such an interruption. You will already know what needs doing and will probably find yourself getting right down to business. 2. Don’t overdo it. When you first arrive back at work, ease yourself into things rather than diving headfirst into whatever happened during your absence. Come in early or stay late for a few days, but try not to schedule meetings or appointments during those times because people need time to decompress from travel and catch up on what has been happening since they left, advises Taylor.

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General tips for getting back into your normal routine

* Start gradually. Resist returning to work by tackling your toughest tasks first. Jump back into your routine with something easy, like returning phone calls or emails, and ease yourself into working at a normal pace again. * Maintain your structure—even if it feels painful at first.


Tips for people who work freelance

Working freelance allows you to work on your own schedule, with clients who really value your knowledge and experience. That’s a beautiful thing, but when it comes time to go back to normal life after vacation, some find that they just can’t manage it. Going back to regular office life is often stressful enough; add in an unfamiliar environment and new responsibilities, and some people end up feeling like they never left. Luckily, there are ways to make reentry as easy as possible.


Find joy at work after a hiatus

Taking a vacation can be quite refreshing, and for some workers, it’s necessary. Many people find it hard to step back into their role when returning from vacation. When faced with this problem it is important for people to have the tools for reentry. If you are someone who struggles with your work schedule and taking time off, try creating an outline of how you want to spend your time away from work and try your best to follow these steps.


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