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Exile your worst guests and clients.

What do you do when your guests or clients no longer want to be served?
At some time or another, we have all reached a point in a business relationship where we question how much value we can actually provide a particular client. You will always have those ‘Problem Children’ guests, the types of patrons that are never satisfied with the efforts of you or your team. The ones that demand all of your attention and hinder positive demeanor. They steal the best of you, making it impossible for you to serve the rest of your guests effectively.

Its time to FIRE them!
Many people have heard the story about Southwest Airline’s CEO, Herb Kelleher. Herb received a very direct letter from a woman who was complaining about Southwest’s lack of professionalism and the unacceptable passenger conditions on a particular flight. While most companies would grovel for this client, apologizing and even offering compensation or free flights, Southwest took a different approach. He wrote a very succinct response, essentially firing this person from being a guest on their future flights. It simply read “We’ll miss you!”

This direct method of handling a difficult person makes many of us uneasy. It is hard to imagine turning away business, but maybe turing away the wrong client allows the us to better serve our best clients? Maybe we should take this as lesson and begin releasing the ‘wrong’ people.

Have you ever refused a client?
I have. It’s not an enjoyable activity. You get fed up and think, ‘I shouldn’t have to deal with this’ and in reality, you don’t.

When you decide to no longer do business with someone, you will have feelings of guilt and regret. Luckily this feeling passes quickly when you realize how much better you can service the clients you’ve chosen to do business with.

Release your high maintenance, negative clients. It is actually doing them a service. When it becomes painfully obvious that the client is not satisfied with your work, the best way you can serve them is to provide them with the opportunity to find someplace else that will be able to serve their needs more adequately.

Firing a client is never pleasant, but many times it is necessary. Rip the weeds out of the garden, otherwise they may choke the most fruitful plants you have. Devote your attention to the clients that deserve it! Focus on providing them with the best you have to offer.

Is there a client or guest that you are no longer able to serve? Take a lesson from Herb…

Fire Them!

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