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Are you worried that your message gets lost behind a fear of speaking or a lack of communication clarity? When you book a one-on-one Coaching session with Josh, you will explore Narrative Cultivation, Event Preparation and Confidence Building. What you need is a blueprint for cultivating a compelling message and building confidence to present it.

“Josh was a phenomenal speaker for our Event! He not only got our attendees excited about being at the conference, he enlightened them with some much-needed and very practical tools. He was fantastic!”

Founding Board member, GBTA Chapter

Our methods are tailored, effective, and confidential. Using our proven 3 step process we help people in leadership roles build coherent and compelling messages that allow them to confidently share their vision. Through assessment, aspiration, and action we provide the personalized strategy to craft your message. You will obtain the tools for refining your narratives, reinforcing your messaging, and strengthening your abilities to compel the intended audience.

One-on-One Executive Coaching is ideal if you:

  • Need to build a compelling narrative

  • Are preparing for a large speaking engagement

  • Desire clarity in your speeches

  • Recently took on a new role that requires you to do more speaking

  • Want to be more confident in your speaking ability

  • Have the need to covey your message effectively

Your team depends on your leadership to regain motivation, email me now to find the right talk for your organization.

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