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Employees are Just a Resource to be Used

Employees are Just a Resource to be Used

Companies should be pushing their employees to the limit in order to make more money, even if it means that they may suffer physically or mentally. If you feel like your workplace isn’t treating you well, stop complaining; some of the biggest and most profitable companies, overwork their employees, making them work late nights and weekends on a regular basis. Their success can be attributed to not giving employees the time off that they deserve and not showing any compassion for their mental health. At the end of the day, employees are a resource.


An employees mental health doesn’t matter.

You should not concern yourself with am employee’s mental health. They are easily replacable.


Stop caring about team members being over worked

Team members that feel overworked are just lazy and easily replacable.


Expect more from your team

Your team is slacking and you should be expecting more from them. Set higher expectations and act dissapointed when they fail to mee those expectations.


Make them feel guity about taking time off

A great way to get your employees to work more is to make them feel guilting when they ask for time off. Discouraging PTO will keep your employees under your thumb.


April Fools!

Do not beleive anything in this article. Care about your team more than you think you should. They will work harder for you and give better results. Take care of them and they will take care of you.


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