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Consistency isn’t always a Good thing!

Consistency is only good when you are consistently great. Someone that is consistently subpar is horrible.

When we talk about being consistent, we need to make sure the bar has been set high. Complacency is another form of being consistent, but its not a good thing for your customers or business.

When setting expectations we need to choose to set standards of excellence for our personal and professional lives. Once you achieve some level of greatness, take a deep look at it. Think of the things that lead to this above average moment. Then spend some time unpacking the surrounding circumstances that allowed you to put forth this above average effort.

Now ask yourself, how can I replicate this excellence? The more often you study achieve and study great things you accomplish, the easier it becomes to achieve that level of exceptional achievement again. Over time it lends itself to being consistently GREAT.

The first step is to shed mediocrity and complacency. Choose to demand better of yourself and of those you interact with. Making the conscious decision to commit yourself to becoming consistently great can set you on a trajectory towards uncommon results and unparalleled success.

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