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“Josh’s training has transformed our organization! Our employees are more focused and driven than ever before!”

-President, Chemical Services Company

Transform your company culture by improving performance through engagement and enjoyment, resulting in more productive, thriving employees, and in the end, profits. Josh Evans–aka “The Culture Cleaner”–can come in and help to challenge and change your corporate culture in ways where everyone wins. Each training is bespoke to be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and goals.

You can count on each training to cultivate employee engagement and enjoyment to build a sustainable, authentic, positive, and successful company culture.

Joshua M. Evans | The Corporate Culture Cleaner | Digital Media Personality | International Speaker | TEDx Programmer

Types of trainings include:

Moving Toward Meaning

Good for: All employee training

In this training, we explore how individuals can understand the greater impact of their roles, their company’s strategy, and the value of their work to their clients. This uses deep discussions and exercises to build foundational concepts that will influence all perspectives and decisions within a company.


Building the Right Organizational Culture

Good for: Leadership training

Our team building and training sessions provide organizations with the tools to help their teams become more enthusiastic about and engaged in the work they do. When employees, associates, and affiliates enjoy and are fully engaged in the work in which they are involved, they become truly invested in the results. Our goal is to help develop business environments and cultures of enjoyment and engagement. With our proprietary tools, workbooks, and methods we will empower your team and provide them with tools to manifest their own enthusiasm and become authentically engaged in their work.


Cultivating Employee Engagement

Good for: Leadership training

We take a personalized approach to help you develop the tools to obtain and maintain engagement in your team. Those in leadership roles are the people who set the tone for attitude and accomplishment in an organization–which forms the heart of the company culture. Studies have shown that companies with engaged employees are 22% more profitable and have sustained lower turnover rates. Develop a culture where your team truly cares about your company’s success.


Effectively Communicating with Clients

Good for: Sales for non-sale people training

Many companies see the value in having customer facing employees that can effectively communicate with their clients. However, it is often difficult to develop these tools within our technical teams. This unique program will allow your customer facing team to connect authentically with your clients, uncover additional business opportunities, and confidently promote your business…all without becoming ‘salesey’. Your employees are just a few tools away from being prolific ambassadors of your company.

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Organizations Josh has done trainings for include:

  • ConocoPhillips
  • Maersk International
  • Doffing Dental Group
  • NSSI
  • Sheraton
  • Houston Methodist
  • Stress Engineering Services INC
  • Reger Racing
  • Radisson  
  • Transamerica Insurance Corporation
  • Green Bank
  • Canopy IT Services
  • MD Anderson
  • REMax
  • Own Us Realty
  • Hilton
Joshua M. Evans | The Corporate Culture Cleaner | Digital Media Personality | International Speaker | TEDx ProgrammerJoshua M. Evans | The Corporate Culture Cleaner | Digital Media Personality | International Speaker | TEDx Programmer