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Choose One: Passionate Staff or a Mediocre Business

You will never have an extraordinary hotel, restaurant, bar, or any other type of business if your employees are complacent.
You must strive for excellence and truly care about all facets of a business in order to be best in class. It doesn’t come from formal on boarding, standard operating procedures, or client analytics. True excellence comes from a passion and an enthusiasm for every task within a business.
Passion comes from within each of us.
We can’t look to anyone else to motivating us into being exemplary. If you want to be amazing, it’s up to you. Only you can motivate, inspire, or pump yourself up. While you can research or study how to implement optimism into the way you serve others, only you can make the decision to implement techniques into your life to be better.
Every single day is a decision to be passionate of be ordinary; to be enthusiastic or to be mediocre, to be extraordinary or to be just like all the others.
Decide to be awesome and refuse to accept mediocrity from those you work with! Mediocrity means disgruntled employees and angered guests. Complacency means lower morale, less engagement, and the degradation of your organizations reputation.
Managing your reputation is much easier if it is done proactively. No organization likes to be reacting to bad reviews, upset guests, or lazy employees. These things are best addressed before there is ever a problem.
Make sure your staff is passionate about their work! Yes it takes some indoctrination and a fair amount of encouragement, but once you have incited passion into your team they will perpetuate it, leaving your organization to reap the benefits. Passionate individuals work harder, longer, and with more joy than the average person.  Passion levels are also directly correlative to employee longevity!
Maybe we don’t have turnover problems… maybe there is just a lack of passion?
So, always look to hire people that are above average. Spend some time developing those with the capacity for passion and enthusiasm. Then, step back and watch them make your business exemplary! While it is not easy to find and train staff with passion burning within them, it is always worth the effort!
Find your passion and share it with everyone that you come in contact with!
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